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Available for Fall 2019:
1/2 Boys Division Coordinator
Coaches & Assistant Coaches
Referee Coordinator
Risk Management
Advanced Development Program Coordinator

East Side Soccer is a totally volunteer-run organization. These are many tasks that wouldn't get done without the hard work and commitment of these volunteers. Please consider volunteering to help East Side Soccer run smoothly! Possible volunteer options include: 

Coach - we need at least two coaches for each team. Although coaching the older divisions is easier for experienced coaches, those without experience can feel comfortable in the lower divisions. 

Division Coordinators - for each of our 9 divisions. Make up team rosters and schedules, and relay these and equipment to the coaches. Collect equipment at the end of the season.

Registrar - receives registrations and distributes them to the coordinators. Maintains NYSWYSA online database for ESS registrations. Attends board meetings. 

Permit Coordinator - obtains permits from the City of Syracuse for field use. 

Field Coordinator(s) - paints lines on the fields. (Yes, we have equipment to do so!) Works with contractor to arrange mowing and other general maintenance. 

Referee Coordinators (2 needed) - One person schedules the high school student referees for games, and the other is responsible for paying the refs each Saturday 

Referees- This is a paid position. East Side Soccer is committed to mentoring and training young referees, many of whom have played in our organization. We provide access to courses for certification. For more information on How to Become a Referee, click here.

Practice Field Coordinator - coordinates scheduled practice times and fields with the 4/5 and 6/7/8 divisions coaches, so that two teams dont show up at the same field at the same time! 

Team Parents - work with coaches and division coordinators to share information and schedules, coordinate snacks, etc. 

Equipment Coordinator - orders equipment such as balls, shirts, uniforms, nets, etc. Distributes the equipment to and picks it up from division coordinators at the beginning and end of each year, and arranges storage. Attends board meetings. 

Risk Management - oversee background checks for coaches.

Web and Social Media - maintain website and promote East Side Soccer on social media.


Board Officer - President, Secretary, Treasurer, etc. These jobs involve traditional duties that go with the title! Of course, officers attend board meetings. 

Volunteer Recruiter - helps fill these positions! Attends board meetings. 

You may sign up for coaching and team parent positions on the registration form. You may also indicate your interest in other positions there, or, if you want to help out in another position, email [email protected].