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Juggling Wall of Fame

Why Juggle a soccer ball? Juggling is great way for players to improve their touch and control. It is also great at working on their balance and coordination. Spending time on there own with a ball every day, is a must for players who want to really become excellent soccer players.

Juggling wall of fame rules

No Hands  – The ball must start on the ground with your feet. You may not use your hands to pick it up to start juggling, except K, 1st and 2nd graders.
Feet Only – Only touches with your feet count. You may use other parts of your body to keep the ball in the air, but only count the touches with your feet.
How to count your juggles
– Each time the ball touches your foot, that counts as 1. If the ball hits the ground, your count is complete and you start back at zero.
Observing the Juggling
– For it to be put on the juggling wall of fame you must have a teammate or coach observe your juggling (unfortunately no parents).
Reporting – you must report your number of juggles and who witnessed it to your East Side Soccer Coach . Once your coach receives your number of juggles they will report this to the director of coaching.


Bronze Level - 5 +Juggles (K, 1st & 2nd grade only)

Bronze Level - 10 + Juggles

10 - Alessandro Terrinoni (3rd Grade Boys)

11 - Anthony Stickle (5th Grade Boys)

11 - M. Meskos (5th Grade Boys)

21 - M. Bratslavsky (5th Grade Boys)

Silver Level - 25 + Juggles

Gold Level - 50 + Juggles

Platinum Level - 100 + Juggles